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Infinity Supply is a german company registered in 2021 offering residential and dedicated hosted proxy services for customers around the world.

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Our biggest and most important challenge

Access to legal services while limiting illegality

Proxies make it possible for our customers to use the Internet without restrictions. What sounds like an incredible relief is a challenge for VPN and proxy companies. Infinity Supply wants to ensure that all customers can surf the internet anonymously without restriction, but we also don't want to help anyone in the world do illegal business.

Because of this, we strictly prohibit all customers from using our service for any illegal activity on the internet. You can find more information about this under Terms of Service.

Removing onerous restrictions while maintaining legal restrictions

Approved Usecase


Wants to access a site where she is blocked due to her location or due to visiting the website to often.

Approved Usecase


Wants to bypass the chinese internet restrictions and regain access to international news

Blocked Usecase


Wants to access a website that contains illegal video material that she wants to view or download.

Blocked Usecase


Wants to hack credentials and user data by brute forcing websites or databases.

Start working with a real company

There are many unprofessional, unregistered and dangerous Proyx and VPN companies on the internet. When you choose Infinity Supply, you don't have to worry about any of these things.

Transparent Information

Infinity Supply has nothing to hide. Whether it's questions about products or more detailed information about the company structure. Our team is always ready and transparent with any questions.

EU VAT registerd

As we are a company registered in Germany with VAT ID, we naturally provide each customer with an invoice for purchases. In addition, we sell to our business customers in the EU B2B tax-free through the reverse charge procedure.

Competing with leading companies

Together with our team and our partners, we are constantly trying to grow as a company and offer our customers a wide and innovative range of products. Grow together and permanently compete with the leading companies on the market.

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